Premiere: How to cook quinoa in an Instant Pot

Instant Pot Quinoa

About The Video& Pre-Launch Interview:

Welcome back! The last pre-launch interview with Caleb's short-film was such a success we decided to do another launch and pre-launch interview. This time, it is about a recipe that Caleb created for the Berkeley Chefs channel.  In the interview, you'll get to hear Caleb answer some behind the scenes questions that will be sure to inspire you to make his recipe and will help you connect with this up and coming Canadian filmmaker.


6:45 pm Virtual doors open for seating and equipment check

6:50 pm The Pre-Launch Fireside Chat Interview With Caleb

7:00 pm The Official Recipe Video Launch

During the Official recipe video launch, you can type questions or comments in the live chatbox and Caleb or other Berkeley Chefs will be on-hand to chat with you!

Bookmark this page and come back here 15 minutes before we start to listen in to our pre-movie banter and small talk. I'll be asking Caleb some questions like an interview before we start the premier. 

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Caleb Berkeley

This video is the worldwide premiere of this quinoa recipe by young and upcoming filmmaker, Caleb Berkeley. Caleb is already an accomplished young man by most standards. He is the published author of 34 books for children ages 4 and up. He is a talented painter whose artwork was featured in a local gallery outside of Toronto and also on the entire 2nd floor of the local library. The Berkeley Family collection of 30+ original art pieces were on display for the community to enjoy. Be sure to check out this video! Caleb is also the co-founder of the Berkeley Chefs cooking channel, available at He is an amazing young chef and videographer. Caleb just loves having fun! 

Just a few of Caleb's 34 Books

For Kids 5 & up
For kids 3 & up
for kids 3 & up
For Kids 5 & up
For kids 7 & up
for kids 9 & up

You  can see them all at

What Others Say About Caleb

He's GREAT especially at composition

" Wow! I showed Cam. He said he's [Caleb] great especially at composition. And let Caleb know, Cam has won 3 Emmys and has had 20 nominations over the years... he knows a thing about it."



" BEAUTIFUL!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ so artistically captures all the gorgeous landscapes! Great job Caleb !👍👍👌👌😊 Most commendable !  Love his Vision and especially the walk at the end with the camera at ground level!"


I'm proud of Caleb's vision and drive

" I'm proud of Caleb's vision and drive. It is so wonderful to see a young man who is diligent and hardworking. I pray he will find joy in pursuing his dreams and help bring joy to the lives of others."

Vaughn - Proud Dad!

The Berkeley Family Art Display & Newspaper Coverage  

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