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I’ll let you know a little secret... Flour is one of the cheapest raw materials for food that you can buy. It is easy to store for long periods. Is so flexible that it can be used in a variety of ways. AND... was one of the major food items flying off the shelves in the suburbs outside of Toronto during the first month of the pandemic in 2020.

Sadly, while typical fast-food nation folks who can’t cook were buying up toilet paper, the cooking population who live in the suburbs where I lived were buying up flour off the shelves. Because if you run out of toilet paper, there’s alternatives like newspaper, or washing after.

It was only later on after a few months (and the toilet-paper craze had passed) that fast-food nation folks started buying up flour and instant yeast packets to bake breads. LOL. This for them was not about survival but about doing something to fight their boredom at home...sigh... #firstworldproblems.

You need this course because when I show you how to master making a good multipurpose dough, you can always survive with a bag of flour in your home.

What You'll Get

I’m all about helping you learn a life skill with dough. As with my books, articles, email lists, and videos, it is all about living a life of worth. Let’s see what you get with this course!. 

confidence with flour

When you use flour, it can only go two ways. Either it is a horrible failure and you dump it or it is a terrific success and you wish you had made more. In this course, I help you gain that confidence of working with flour based on my more than two and a half decades of dough making.

expanded range of cooking

When you learn to make dough like a Berkeley Chef, you will find that you can tackle a whole new set of recipes that maybe you were hesitant about attempting before. Plus, in the course, I will teach you a few survival dishes you can make with flour so you can always be prepared.

baking skills enhanced

The thing about working with flour is that you enhance your baking skills in other areas. When you understand the medium of flour, now cupcakes, muffins, dumplings, and even bagels are within your reach as a cook.

easier prep time

In addition to showing you how to master the art of dough making, you will gain speed and find that you are effortlessly working with the dough. This makes food preparation take a lot less time that previously.

chef tips and tricks

As a bonus, we will include one of our official BerkeleyChefs Tips and Tricks with your purchase of this course. It is packed with advice that will help you improve your culinary skills.

satisfied eaters

Now you can enjoy the look on the faces of your friends and family when they see the amazing dishes you whip up in the kitchen. And you will feel great when they practically beg you for more and more of your flour recipes.

Making Dough Can Help You Get RESULTS

Let’s be clear here. Making dough is both a delightful art-form and a survival skill. Whether you need to stretch out a pot of soup, make a flatbread in a hurry, or make a yummy roti, you know that with great dough, you can get great results. My intent in this course is to help you master the art of the multipurpose dough.

Vaughn Berkeley

Vaughn is an expert in the kitchen and has been working with dough for more than 2.5 decades. He creates dough just be touch and texture and now he will show you how to master this skill.

Your BerkeleyChef Course Instructor

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