Sweet Raw Desserts

There is so much good information in this book. Jenny provides a great deal of basic information for people who want to try out raw vegan foods the most fun way – with desserts! This book has easy-to-follow steps. The recipes are accompanied by well-thought-out photos. Some recipes include:
- Apple Pie      - unCheezecake      - Omega balls       - Cupcakes      
These recipes are vegan, raw, fun, and delicious so grab this book by clicking here!

Fresh Food4Life

In Fresh Food4Life Vaughn and Jenny Berkeley take you on a journey as you consider the upcoming food crisis facing nations in the near future. This book is a short book with the purpose of taking a look at the issue of food security and the fundamental right of every human bring to get access to good quality food. Grab this book today by clicking here!

Pandemic Dishes

Are you bored while in quarantine? If you are or not we created this cookbook which has 22 recipes that will keep you active during quarantine! In the books you'll find soups, salads, desserts, and much more! So make sure to get on the mailing list to get notified when it comes out!

Eating4Eternity Plant-Based ULTIMATE Cookbook

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