Easy, Quick ,Homemade Simple, Mexican Guacamole dip that can be made UNDER 10 MINS

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This is the easy recipe that can be made with a few simple ingredients lying around in your kitchen. This Mexican Guacamole will be done within 15 mins and will be ready to be served with some corn chips quick!  At the end of eating this it will have you licking your lips. This dip will also be great on top of your salads, in a wrap and more.


2 big Avocados 

1/2 a bell pepper

1 Tsp Garlic powder

1/2 Tsp chili flake

3/4 Tsp Sea salt

1 Tsp Cumin powder

A few slices of cucumber or your trini cucumber chow 

* If you want to learn how to make cucumber chow that only takes around  5 mins to make plus 3-5 hours to soak letting the cucumber soak up the seasonings to become cucumber chow click this link to learn hot to : https://berkeleychefs.com/trini-cucumber-chow/

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