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Welcome to BerkeleyChefs.com! This website is meant to teach you how to make healthy scrumptiouslicious, smackalicious, delicious, plant-based foods that will have you smacking your lips! Mmmmm! Every week either anytime on Thursday or Friday we will be posting a new video. Make sure to join the mailing list so that you'll be the first ones to get notified when we post a new video. 

Jenny Berkeley, RN, CHN

Jenny Berkeley is a registered nurse, certified holistic nutritionist and health educator. She has worked both locally in Canada and internationally. Jenny has 30 years of experience in the medical profession caring for her patients, being their advocate, and supporting her colleagues. Jenny has been on television on many occasions in Ontario Canada to promote a plant-based diet and cruelty-free lifestyle. She has been on Trinidad's national radio in 2013. In 2014, she was nominated for the Nurse Nightingale award in Toronto. In addition to her medical background, she is an author, speaker, lecturer, and blogger. She is also the co-founder and publisher of EternityWatch Magazine, an author of 5 books and she is an award winning chef!

Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

Vaughn Berkeley is an author of 13 books, and a couple hundred articles. Vaughn has been writing since 1998 Vaughn has created a multi-million dollar perpetual bursary program, along with my board of directors (not me alone), for students at Ryerson University. Vaughn is  a magazine publisher, published author, writing coach, online course designer/educator, entrepreneur, and dreamer. Vaughn love helping the poor, working poor, and the needy. He believes that micro-finance and micro-businesses are the ways to generate wealth and lift people out of poverty. He also love gardening and spend time in his garden meditating and enjoying  his plants. His website is vaughnberkeley.com

Caleb Berkeley

Caleb Berkeley is a published author since he was 7 years old. He is a product of the Montessori school. At 14, he’s a veteran storyteller and creator of the popular children’s book series, The Adventures of Moshe Monkey and Elias Froggy.  Caleb is the creator of over 34 books. He is also a card game creator, and bestselling author.Caleb is also an accomplished self-taught painter whose artwork has been featured at a local art gallery and the Whitby Public Library.  He has sold a few of his original pieces and you can buy prints or  originals for your family at:  berkeleyfamilyart.com 

Elisha Berkeley

Elisha Berkeley is a newcomer on the scene following his brother. His first book was published at age 7. At age 11, he’s been working hard on other book projects. He is an author of over 11 books. He is also an accomplished self-taught painter whose artwork was also featured in a local art gallery and in the Whitby Public Library. His original art pieces as well as prints are available for your family to enjoy. Check them out at: berkeleyfamilyart.com 

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